Rally (Rudow empört sich): 11-12h

Demo: 12h

The murders of Burak Bektaş (2012) and Luke Holland (2015), numerous (arson) attacks, threats, and the distribution and use of Nazi symbols: since 2009, right-wingers have committed at least 157 crimes in Berlin-Neukölln (#NeuköllnKomplex). Despite evidence pointing towards known neo-Nazis, years passed without the crimes being solved. On the contrary, the security authorities at all levels were conspicuous for their lack of will to investigate or their involvement in right-wing networks. Those affected along with activists were instrumental in pushing forward and demanding the investigation.

We demand:

The complete clarification of the Neukölln complex! Dismantle right-wing networks in the police, the public prosecutor's office and the Office for the Protection of the Constitution! Name right-wing terror as such, educate about it and fight it! Expose and end the passing on of data to right-wingers!

Come to the rally and demo on 25.03. in Rudow. Let's show the perpetrators and those responsible in politics and the security authorities that we will not rest: Clear up the Neukölln complex. Consequences for perpetrators and their supporters at the security authorities!